Monday, September 12, 2005


After nearly 30 weeks in Washington DC, I finally found it. The Holy Grail. Good, cheap sushi. Correction, great sushi that is so cheap I feel like I committed a crime after I leave.

$1 a piece sushi isn't supposed to be edible, let alone good. But at Kotobuki, that's precisely what you get. Damn good, fresh fish for $1 a piece or $1.75 for premium sushi like Toro, Yellowtail, or Scallop. Want a 6 piece spicy scallop roll or salmon and avocado roll? $3 an order. Crazy, insane prices. Practically giving stuff away. Even the uber-crappy strip mall bargain sushi factories can't beat these prices.

Not only are the prices dirt cheap, the fish is superb. The eel was probably the best I've ever had. The yellowtail was to die for. While I'll admit the toro was good but not mind-blowing, at $1.75 a pop, it is cheaper than most mediocre regular tuna orders at other inexpensive places. This was the first time in a long time that I've had salmon and actually craved another piece. The tamago was light and airy and not overly sweet. The slices of fish were very generous and was as fresh as can be. I even tried the sea urchin and didn't gag or spit it out. Quite an accomplishment. (Who eats that stuff?)

Kotobuki is, quite simply, the best sushi joint I've ever been too. They don't do teriyaki. They don't do tempura. They don't do noodles. They don't do crazy rolls. They just do great fish. I've been to sushi bars that are more fun. I've had better sushi before. I've had more creative sushi. But I've never had such quality at such prices. And I've never felt so satisfied after a meal of raw fish.

Thank you Rebecca Walters and DCist for turning me on to Kotobuki. The place is small and really out of the way, but I'm sure I'll be going there every chance I get. I just hope no one reads this post because apparently the recent pub from various DC media has already made it hard to get a seat. With only 24 seats, it doesn't take much to go from a practically unknown local joint to a crowded line-out-the-door hotspot. The place was practically full when I got there tonight when 6 months ago supposedly if there were more than 10 people it was a busy night. On a Sunday night.

Oh, did I mention that they are open on Sundays, unlike many sushi places (like the fancy sushi place downstairs from Kotobuki)? And til 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights? Good, cheap sushi that is open 7 days a week and open late? Finally...a great DC dining experience worth sharing.

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The Chief said...


Have you tried the sushi place at 219 Mass. Avenue by the Dirksen Bldg. and the lobbyist's office who I worked with...?

It's good, and cheap.